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Crawler Camera Inspection 

A Drain Crawler Camera Inspection is a method of inspecting the inside of bigger sewers or drain lines using a remote-controlled tractor equipped with a video camera. The camera is inserted into the sewer or drain line and is driven throughout the system on the tractor, controlled remotely by one of our highly skilled technicians. This method of inspection allows for a detailed view of the condition of the pipes and can help identify any issues or potential blockages.

Crawler Video Camera Inspection Ongoing on a Project

What is a Crawler Camera Inspection?

A Crawler Camera Inspection is a service that uses a specialized camera mounted on a wheeled device to inspect the inside of a sewer line. The camera is inserted into the sewer line and can navigate through pipes, providing a comprehensive view of the condition of the pipe and any potential blockages or damage. This allows for accurate diagnosis and repair of the problem. This system is designed to be versatile, agile, and efficient, with the ability to crawl as far as 1640 feet and inspect lines ranging from 6 to 96 inches in diameter.

What are the Benefits of a Crawler Camera Inspection?

This method of inspection offers several benefits, including:

Reducing the overall cost of a pipe repair: A Drain Crawler Camera Inspection can help to reduce the overall cost of a pipe repair by providing a proper diagnosis of the problem. For example, if you have a clog in your sewer line, a camera inspection will tell our technicians exactly where the clog is located and what caused it. This information helps us to remove the clog successfully, reducing the time needed to do the job and significantly lowering the repair cost.

Reducing damage to your property from trenching: A Drain Crawler Camera Inspection can greatly reduce damage to your property from trenching. In the past, the only way to find the exact location of a leak was to dig up (or “trench”) the yard. Not only was this method time-consuming and messy, but it was also costly. Restoring a trenched yard can raise the cost of a repair by thousands of dollars. Thankfully, our technicians can use our crawler camera system in the sewer pipe to find leaks and clogs without disturbing your property.

Revealing existing problems: During a Drain Crawler Camera Inspection, our technicians can catch potential problems such as clogs or leaks before they become major issues. If they notice a potential problem, the technician can either correct it immediately or recommend preventative measures to stop the problem from getting worse. Prevention saves you money and spares you the headache of dealing with a significant sewer issue down the road.

Providing proof of sewer system condition: If you’re buying a property, one of the best things you can do is hire our technicians to perform a Drain Crawler Camera Inspection, allowing you to see the condition of the sewer system first-hand. You’ll avoid being blindsided by any serious unknown system issues and be aware of any potential problems.

Locating lost valuables: If you’ve lost something valuable down the drain system, there’s a slight chance it’s lodged somewhere in the lines. If it hasn’t already washed away, the technician may be able to locate it via a Drain Crawler Camera Inspection and retrieve it.

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