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Jet-Vac Cleaning Services

Our Jet-Vac Truck has the latest technology, equipped with a 1inch hose with a rotter Vactor pump that can reach up to 80GPM and up to 250PSI of high-pressure water to break up even the toughest blockages in sewer waste and storm drains. The powerful vacuum suction system has a special 8in. suction hose to suck away light and solid debris safely and allows us to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner in a state-run designed facility.

USA Jetting Crew Using Jet-Vac Truck

What is a Jet-Vac Truck?

A Jet-Vac Truck is a specialized truck that has built-in a heavy-duty vacuum and high-pressure water jetting system it utilizes high-pressure water jets the powerful vacuum system to efficiently clean out sewers and drains. This powerful combination of water and vacuum paired with the skills of our highly trained technicians allows for the removal of debris, grease, and even the toughest of blockages from the line quickly and effectively, it is a powerful and efficient way to clean and clear drains. 

Our state-of-the-art jet-vac truck is the perfect solution for your sewer jetting needs wherever is a commercial, industrial or residential property. With our jet-vac cleaning service, you can be sure that your sewers will be running properly in no time.

When is a Jet-Vac Cleaning Service Necessary?

A Jet-Vac Cleaning Service is necessary on bigger lines or when there is a backup on a waste sewer system, storm drain systems or when a customer wants to do maintenance on a commercial/industrial drainage system to clear any potential clogs with highly professional equipment. It’s especially useful for removing tough stains and clogs that traditional cleaning methods can’t handle. This service is especially beneficial for commercial and industrial sites that produce hazardous waste, since it allows us to safely dispose of it in an environmentally safe state designated facility. Our Jet-vac cleaning service uses high-pressure water and powerful vacuuming to clean and dispose of waste or remove any tough clog.

What are the Benefits of a Jet-Vac Cleaning Service?

A Jet-vac sewer cleaning service offers various benefits such as: efficiency, cost-effectiveness, speed and reduced environmental impact, also by cleaning cash basing and bigger drain lines it will be less likely to have bugs or other critters invading your property via dirty drains. Our Jet-Vac Cleaning Services ensure that sewer lines are cleaned efficiently using high-pressure water and vacuum technology, minimizing the risk of damage or blockages. This method is environmentally friendly as it reduces the need for chemicals and promotes sustainability. Additionally, our Jet-Vac Sewer Cleaning Services can increase the longevity of a sewer system, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment for all.

USA Jetting Crew Using the Jet-Vac Truck
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