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Cable / Snake Service

Drain cable services, also known as “Snake Rotter Cable,” uses an electric drank with a cable wire to clear soft clogs from drain systems.

A drain cable is a tool used to remove or push through the drains to clear the line and restore proper drainage flow.

Drain lines can back up for a number of reasons, including roots, foreign objects, collapsed lines, bellies, and improper grade.

Drain cable services can cable any small drain line from different points of access and open small, plugged lines for commercial or residential lines.

What are Cable Services or Drain Snake?

A drain snake, also known as a plumbing snake or drain auger, is a tool used to unclog drains. It consists of a long, flexible metal cable with a corkscrew auger attached to the end. The cable is coiled into a protective drum and is designed to be put deep into a drain to pull out a clog. A professional snake (or auger) can push or “punch” a clog through to loosen it.

What are the Cons of Using Drain Snakes?

Drain snakes, also known as plumbing snakes or drain augers, are a common tool used to clear clogs in pipes. While they can be effective at removing some clogs, there are several cons to using a snake for clogs:

Not as thorough: Drain snakes are not as thorough at removing debris and buildup in a drainpipe as hydro-jetting. They are more like temporary solutions for clogs, and not as good a long-term strategy.

Limited effectiveness: Drain snakes have limits and can’t do much with extremely tough clogs.

Potential for damage: Drain snakes have the ability to scratch, crack and punch holes through pipes. They can be dangerous to operate for the inexperienced.

Incomplete removal: Drain snakes may not completely remove the clog, which means another clog may quickly reform.

It is important to note that while snaking can be an effective method for clearing some clogs, it is not always the best solution. While High-Pressure Hydro Jetting on the other hand can be used to improve the flow of your pipes and do a more thorough cleaning of sewer systems.

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